Super teacher

Super Teacher!

Here is an illustration in the Economist about recruiting the bright and the best for teaching profession which is not usually high on agenda for high flyers. Needless to say the result is positive albeit expensive.

John leaves the Economist for New York

John Micklethwait left the Economist for Bloomberg in NYC, ready to take over Lower Manhattan, Midtown, the East Side, then West Side, and the rest of the USA and the world. NY 1 news used to lump the rest of the world news in the section called ‘The world beyond New York’ which seemed to show their view of the world was indeed like the Steinberg’s famous New Yorker cover!

Anyway, this was the drawing for the occasion. Good luck!

Giraffe Phone-Mast

Here is the illustration for the Economist Business section about private equity in Africa.

It’s a screen shot, so you can’t utilize Economist’s ‘socials’ buttons there.

African business owners used to think foreign investment was an insult, as if they were failing and needed money.

Now they welcome the investment (such as phone-masts business for mobile/cell network, tyres or coffee chain) but feel hurt when they sell their stakes instead, as if they lost interest in business. There is no image of ‘asset strippers’ for private equity in Africa, and there is a bit of a rush of ‘me, too’ western private equities pouring in. But it’s still not for the unprepared or faint-hearted.

Roughs for Private Equity in Africa

Roughs for Private Equity in Africa

Royal Mail Smilers 2015

Smilers 2015 First Day Cover

Smilers First Day Cover 2015, I got it rather early, thanks to the people at Royal Mail Design Team, I think! The shop online says it can take up to a week for it to be delivered normally, especially if order was placed yesterday.

I like the carefully chosen postmark location, Greetwell. Pun intended, for sure.

Baby and the Candles are my ones.